2021-2022 fixtures will be emailed, if you are not a member you can contact : info@harvardfoxhounds.com or the Membership link above.

HFH Calendar

2021-2022 fixtures will be emailed: contact info@harvardfoxhounds.com

***  Bye hunts and other events and details will be added to the scheduleas needed and in case of inclement weather.

***  Contact Barb if you would like to kindly host a hunt breakfast.

Hunt Fixtures 2022
Jan 01 is Rescheduled to Jan 9th
    New Year's Day Hunt... Knight Hunt Box ... 10:30 AM...Dress: Formal, Tweeds or Ugly Christmas Attire...Breakfast kindly hosted by Brooke and Trey... Guests $65/Juniors $35... RSVP... info@harvardfoxhounds.com See your email of 12/30/21
January 09 Christmas Hunt
    Harvard Fox Hounds will ring in the New Year with "Better Late Than Never".... Knight Hunt Box Sunday.... January 9, 10:30 AM .... Formal, Tweeds or Ugly Christmas Attire .... Breakfast kindly hosted by Emily Westphal .... Guests $65/Juniors $35 ..... RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
January 15 Rescheduled
    Flint Creek... 10AM..Breakfast Kindly hosted by Michelle ..Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
January 22 Hunt
    Flint Creek... 10AM..Breakfast Kindly hosted by Michelle ..Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
January 29
    Flint Creek... 10AM..Breakfast Kindly hosted by Brooke ..Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
    Flint Creek...11AM..Tailgate Breakfast ..Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
February 19
    No Hunting
Cancelled Feb26
We will attempt to hunt Flint 11am Tailgate breakfast
Guests $65/Juniors $35 Please RSVP Because of weather
March 5
    Flint ... Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com Breakfast by the kind invitation of Linda & Bruce
Cancelled March 12
    Flint ... Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP Breakfast by the kind invitation of  (volunteer?) info@harvardfoxhounds.com
March 19
    Flint ... Guests $65/Juniors $35. RSVP Breakfast by the kind invitation of  (volunteer?) info@harvardfoxhounds.com
March 26
    Flint Creek 10AM...Breakfast by kind invitation of Deer Creek Farm..RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com ... For more information, Barb Naegler 918-629-0359
April 02
    Flint Creek...11AM...Breakfast by kind invitation of Joey and Madelyn, Kim and Kelly...Capping Fee $65/Juniors $35 RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
    Southwest Hound Show is Cancelled

April 09


Closing Hunt

    Closing Hunt ... Flint 10:00AM... Guests $65/Juniors $35. "Cowboy style"Hunt Breakfast 1:00PM kindly hosted by the Masters and Cowboy Chief Juli Gooldy... No capping fee for HFH members Third Field Offered... Invited Guests capping Fee $65/ $35 Juniors... Your Invitation: Invitation ... RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
Mark your calendar notifications
    The Masters of Harvard and Cloudline are working on plans with Cloudline for Harvard to attend Col. Denny's Birthday Hunt the weekend of April 30th for two days of hunting.This is a "Mark Your Calendar" notification.  Detailed information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the date 

Juniors event

June 6th

    "Juniors Day" Flint Creek 10AM...Breakfast by kind invitation of Deer Creek Farm... Skill level allowing, Juniors may be invited to ride along with a whipper-in or the Huntsman... First, Second, Third and Fourth Fields offered.  First Field - walk, trot, canter;  Second Field - Hilltopping at walk, trot, canter;  Third Field - walk, trot;  Fourth Field "Tiny Tots"- short ride up and back in our Shelley Pasture at a walk on or off lead line.  Unmounted adults may "Walk Along" beside horse and young rider... RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com ... For more information, Barb Naegler 918-629-0359
June 26
"Gone Away"  Get together for Mackenzie & Chris

August 13

    Swimming Hole Day at Flint Creek, Hosted by Doris and Michael... HFH members bring a dessert... Ride out at 9am Picture Flyer: Guests $55 ...Juniors $ $35... RSVP to Babara at naegler.barbara@gmail.com
August 14
    Invitation plus info and Activities to Chicks with Stix ... USPA Women’s...Arena Challenge Cup ...Two Polo Matches, 11am to 2pm, 14955 Shipe Rd, Gravette, AR.72736 ... Phone 303-517-9438 ... Proceeds benefit Horses for Healing Tickets
September 10
    Trail Ride - Flint Creek - Bring a Tailgate Lunch to Share Attire is informal - Guests $55/Juniors $25 All proceeds benefiting the HFH Kennels - RSVP naegler.barbara@gmail.com
  September 17     Possible
September 24
    Brats & Brew Trail Ride...10:00am - Flint Creek - informal attire - Hosted by Neely Shenloogian - Food and Drink provided - All proceeds benefit the HFH Kennels - Guests $25/Juniors $25 ... RSVP neely@gmail.com - Invitation
October 1
    Work Day Please RSVP Laura Batzer  lbatzer20@gmail.com
October 8
October 6-9
    HFH has been invited to the Burwell Nebraska Sandhills for 4 days of Hunt and Trail. Information pdf from the North Hills Hunt
October 15
    Ride for the Cure at Flint ... RSVP today to Julie at 918 671 0766  
Oct Announcement
    You may begin bringing silent auction items to Flint.  Please put items in the tack room of the barn, which is located off the barn aisle
Oct 22
    Roading in Kansas
October 29
    Halloween Trail Ride at Flint Creek... 10:30AM...Roading Costumes incouraged Tailgate following...Guests $50/ Juniors $30
November 5

Cub Hunt at Peggy's Hunt Box, 10AM, Cubbing Attire, Guests $65/ Juniors $30, Tailgate to follow, RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com

November 12
    Work Day at Flint
November 19

Fall Hunter Pace & Silent Auction ... Information Rules and Attire ... Adult release form.pdf .... Child-Minor release form pdf ... Entry form ...

Read email from Barbara Title: Harvard Hunter Pace Date:11/18/2022 Time:12:14:51 read and then scroll to the bottom to read Step:2

Also note that in an earlier email the Start time has been delayed to 12:00

Consider Horse and Hound related items to raise funds for our hunt PRIOR to the this day, Please no "DAY OF" items. Questions? email neelyjs@gmail.com

November 26
    Bye day
December 03

This is Now a Free day Day

Please see the email from Barbara: sent at 9:31:20 on December 1st ... Our very best wishes and prayers for Steve.

December 10
    Opening Hunt at Flint
December 17
    Hunt at Flint

* A Possible day

and/or lastly a Bye day might be be included in the schedule in case of scheduled cancellations due to inclement weather or warrented situations.

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A Bye day is a non scheduled day.

Possible means that the day may be converted to a hunt date.

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