2022-2023 fixtures will be emailed, if you are not a member you can contact info@harvardfoxhounds.com or the Membership link above.

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2023 fixtures will be emailed: contact info@harvardfoxhounds.com

***  Bye hunts and other events and details will be added to the scheduleas needed and in case of inclement weather.

***  Contact Barb if you would like to kindly host a hunt breakfast.


April 09


Closing Hunt

    Closing Hunt ... Flint 10:00AM... Guests $65/Juniors $35. "Cowboy style"Hunt Breakfast 1:00PM kindly hosted by the Masters and Cowboy Chief Juli Gooldy... No capping fee for HFH members Third Field Offered... Invited Guests capping Fee $65/ $35 Juniors... Your Invitation: Invitation ... RSVP info@harvardfoxhounds.com
Hunt Fixtures year 2023 of the 2022-2023 Season
December 10
    Opening Hunt at Flint ... Cancelled due to Weather
December 17
Rescheduled Opening Hunt at Flint

HARVARD FOX HOUNDS RESCHEDULED OUR 26th OPENING MEET... More Information is in your email on the second page of the word document but please note that the dates below are correct :

You are cordially invited to join  us  in celebrating Opening Hunt for our 2022-2023 Season.....Saturday,

December  17, 2022 Flint Creek Farm

Max  &  Barbara  Naegler. Jt.MFH Peggy  Knight Susan  Satterlee and Laura  Batzer Jt.MFH ..and Jeanne Hayes, Landowner

Blessing of the Hounds wil commence at 9:45 A.M.

Hunting 10:30 A.M.


RSVP required by Friday the 16th


Staff and First Field riders are formal attire.

There will be a Second and Third Fields, formal attire optional. All riders must wear protective headgear.

December 31
    Hunting from Peggy's Hunt Box Hit the sales for an ugly Sweater Attire or come Ratcatcher. Breakfast is by the kind invitation of Susan Koehler. Guests are welcome $65 - Juniors $35 RSVP naegler.barbara@gmail.com
January 7
    Flint 10:00PM - Formal Attire - Breakfast by Kind invitation of Justin and Kirk - Guests welcome $65 - Juniors $35 - RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com
January 14
    Hunting from Peggy's Hunt Box - 10:00AM - Formal Attire - Breakfast by kind invitation Kathy Brett, Sherlly Rhodes, and Linda McDonald- Guests welcome $65 - Juniors $35 - RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com
New Caretaker Hired January 25th
MFHs Max and Barb have hired a new Kennelman and we can’t wait to meet her!
ISO Caretaker ... Barbra Naeglar 918 629 0359 Caretaker for small acreage, including livestock, horses, hunting hounds and grounds.  Must have driver’s license.
Job comes with furnished 3 bedroom/2 bath, all utilities paid, plus $450 per week.  Six day work week, Monday thru Saturday.  Room for your horse.  Raises and bonuses based upon performance.
January 28
    Hunting from Flint - 10:00 -Formal Attire - Breakfast by Kind invitation of Michelle - Guests welcome $65 - Juniors $35 - RSVP to naegler.barbara@gmail.com
February 4
    Peggy's HuntBox
February 11
    Flint - Breakfast by Kind invitation of Kim and Kelli
February 25
March 4
    Peggy's Hunt Box (Make up Date if needed)
March 11
March 25
April 8
April 15
    Closing at Flint - "Cowboy Chefs"
April 22
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Possible means that the day may be converted to a hunt date.

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