2020-2021 fixtures will be emailed, if you are not a member you can contact : info@harvardfoxhounds.com or the Membership link above.

HFH Calendar

2020-2021 fixtures will be emailed: contact info@harvardfoxhounds.com
Hunt Fixtures 2020-2021
    Hunter Pace... See 11-20-2020 email for 2 pdfs
December 12
    Opening Hunt Flint Please read Announcement and RSVP by Thurs Dec 10th, Opening Hunt is Restricted to Members only, COVID-19, mask and social distancing will be in effect. Barn available for bathroom usage only.
December 17
    Flint Creek Ugly Sweater Contest RSVP your email
December 19
    Park at Peggy's Hunt Box-Available Bathroom only... See your Dec17 email
January 2
    Read your 1-1-2021 email - Hunt Canceled
January 16
    Flint RSVP your 1-14-2021 email
January 23
    Flint RSVP your 1-18-2021 email
January 30
    Flint is being rescheduled to a later date
February 6
    Flint Canceled... To be rescheduled
February 13
    Flint Canceled
February 27
    Flint See your 2-26-2021 email for time and instructions
March 13
March 20
March 27
April 3
April 10
    Closing Hunt
Season Archive

All inquires: email info@harvardfoxhounds.com

A more detailed email is sent out to members for each individual fixture about a week prior.

______Liability and Release Forms_____

Adult release form.pdf .... Child-Minor release form pdf

Proof of negative Coggins dated within 12 months
are required of all Members and Guests.

Please visit the Membership page for Membership forms

_____Capping Fees _____

We offer single day attendance for $50

Juniors and young adults under the age of 21, and those attending college are $25

There is a limit of four visits.  Thereafter, you will be invited to consider some type of membership.

Capping fee for Pony Club members and children under the age of 12 is waived.